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Privacy Statement

Last modified: JUNE 16, 2021.

Xperra uses its website and online tools to provide individuals, prospects, and clients access to the very best information about Xperra's services and products. Xperra and all of its associates and employees follow the best practices regarding any individual information we have collected about you on our website through our online services.

For the purposes of this policy, Xperra defines the term "prospect" as a business with which Xperra does not yet maintain a relationship, and "client" as a business or representative of a business, with whom Xperra has already established a working relationship, either currently, or in the past.


Information Collection

Xperra will occasionally gather information from individuals, clients, and prospects with the goal of providing both high-quality service, and to help with various business transactions.

Information, for the purposes of this document refer to anything that you have voluntarily provided to Xperra.

Xperra may gather information when you:

  • Request information from Xperra.
  • Sign up to be able to make use of various services, either free or otherwise
  • Participate in any special offers or contests


Use of Personal Information

Any information that you share with Xperra may be used for the following reasons:

  • So that you may be able to make the best use of various services offered by Xperra.
  • To establish and maintain a customer relationship.
  • For some of Xperra's websites, Xperra may make use of session and/or persistent cookies in order to provide you with a customized personal experience


Your Choices regarding Xperra's use of personal information

Xperra will clearly define the choices you have when registering for a product or service.Xperra encourages you to provide your email address to be able to make the best use of the deep customer profiling tool. By providing Xperra with your email address, you give Xperra permission to contact you regarding various services or products that Xperra provides.

At any point if you would like Xperra not to contact you further, you may request that you be removed from any contact or business development lists.

Whenever Xperra uses cookies you will be informed of this by your browser. You may set your browser to notify when you are receiving cookies, giving you the chance to opt-in or out.


Accuracy and Security

Xperra allows you to retrieve any information you have provided Xperra, and correct it if any changes need to be made for any reason. Xperra uses strict security systems to prevent your information from being made available for any unauthorized person or business. Xperra constantly monitors its systems to identify if any unauthorized access has occurred through the use of various intrusion detection mechanisms.

If you would like to know more about Xperra and our management of information practices, please contact Xperra by phone, mail, or via the internet.

Contact Information:
375 Park Avenue
Suite 2607
New York, NY 10152
(212) 660-6600

As Xperra develops its business, changes may occur. If at any point Xperrachanges control or ownership, customer information is considered to be a transferable asset. In the unlikely event that Xperra or any of its divisions or affiliates are purchased, customer information will be considered an asset and may also be transferred.

Xperra reserves the right to make changes to its online privacy policy as business or technical needs require. If these procedures are modified in any significant way, WXperra will contact you via the email address you have provided to give you the opportunity to opt-out of any new use.