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About Xperra

Our Human Intelligence (HI) experts are ready to help you to get the most out of Artificial Intelligence (AI) today.

For businesses that need to get more from their data

 Xperra was founded by a team of disciplined data experts and successful entrepreneurs who use their mastery of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence (AI + HI) to help mid-market companies and enterprises improve business decisions and outcomes. Organizations turn to Xperra when they:

01 -

Need to tune the jumble of under-utilized information they have collected over time for peak performance with data cleaning and tuning

02 -

Are ready to tap the power of business intelligence to visualize, model and improve operations and outcomes in real time

How Xperra stands out

Xperra has broken down the barriers that once kept mid-market organizations from enjoying the benefits of decision-making processes based on data intelligence. 

  • Xperra doesn’t sell data intelligence software. In fact, we encourage the use of open source (free) software whenever it will do the job.
  • Xperra data and business experts employ industry-leading tools, including business intelligence software Microsoft Power BI, Domo and Zoho Analytics.
  • With AI + HI, Xperra provides a level of data intelligence and business intelligence service to any organization, regardless of size; service that previously was available only to enterprises.

See how fast and easy AI can be

Optimize customer acquisition with AI + HI

Supercharge your data operations with Xperra experts

From data wrangling to data visualization, no matter what kind of help you need in data operations, Xperra can provide the expert you need to produce more profitable outcomes from your data:

  • Data wrangling
  • Data visualization
  • Data structuring
  • Data engineering

Xperra’s mission

Our mission is to integrate leading expertise and modern tools to help make Data Intelligence universally accessible and useful.

Xperra team

Jill Corcoran

Interim President

HR executive focused on employee & client happiness, transparency and building high performance cultures. Extensive experience directing a full spectrum of HR programs at start-up and high growth companies.

Andris Ezerins


Business data analysis and data relationship projects. Active and creative development of business decision solutions, leveraging a wide variety of platforms.

Equity Sponsor

Alegian Growth Partners, LLC

Alegian Growth Partners, LLC Experienced investor in Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Technology companies providing Xperra series A funding.

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Our Human Intelligence (HI) experts are ready to help you to get the most out of Artificial Intelligence (AI) today.