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Data Scientist

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  • Xperra Solver
  • Odessa, Ukraine

As Data Scientists, we work with business leaders to solve clients’ business challenges and improve clients’ marketing results.

Job Description:

We spend the majority of our time on getting data into proper shape, performing statistical analyses, developing predictive models and machine learning algorithms to solve clients’ business problems.  We evaluate different sources of data, discover patterns hidden within raw data, create insightful variables, and develop competing models with different machine learning algorithms. We validate and cross validate our recommendations to make sure our recommendations will perform well over time.

Main Responsibilities:

The role will also include significant consulting / client facing work comprised of:

  • Working with practice leaders and clients to understand clients’ business problem, industry context, data sources, potential risk and constraints
  • Problem solve with practice leaders to translate the business program into a solvable Data Science problem, formulate different approaches, outline pros and cons for each approach
  • Work with practice leaders to get client feedback, get alignment on approaches, deliverables, and overall timeline
  • Perform data cleaning/hygiene, data QC, and integrate data from both client internal and external data sources on Advanced Data Science Platform
  • Conduct statistical data analysis, including exploratory data analysis, data mining, and document key insights and findings
  • Create insightful and/or predictive summary variables from granular-level data
  • Develop, validate, and cross-validate predictive models and/or machine learning algorithms using Advanced Data Science techniques and tools
  • Document predictive models/machine learning results that can be incorporated into client-deliverable documentation
  • Document key insights, recommend actions client could take, and quantify business impact
  • Assist client to turn models and algorithms into implementable production codes